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Friends and family come together for happy occasions like baby showers to celebrate the impending birth of a child. While the main goal is to show the expecting parents all of your love and support it is summed up with enjoyable and engaging baby shower activities to enhance the experience. These activities not only keep the visitors amused but also provide everyone a chance to connect and share in the excitement of the new arrival. This article includes a list of enjoyable baby shower activities that are sure to please the expecting parents and their loved ones.

Short History of Baby Showers

The purpose of baby showers is to assist and honor expectant parents as they get ready for the birth of their child. Baby showers have a long history that spans back several centuries, and they have developed into the cherished custom we know today.

Baby showers have their roots in ancient civilizations including ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Women gathered in these civilizations to impart knowledge, provide support, and provide presents to the expectant mother. These events were mainly geared towards offering the expectant mother advice and support as she started her path toward motherhood.

“Wet nurses” or breastfeeding carers gained popularity among the upper class in Europe during the Renaissance. Wet nurses were sought after at baby showers, which were also occasions to commemorate the impending birth of a child. The visitors would bring presents and offer the expectant mother their services as potential wet nurses.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, baby showers became more common in the United States. Initially, they were called “stork parties” or “baby teas.” Close friends and family would assemble for these celebrations, which were frequently tiny, private ceremonies, to support the expectant mother. Around the 1940s, the phrase “baby shower” was created to express the notion of showering the mother with presents and well wishes.

Overall, baby showers have changed from old customs to happy celebrations of a new family member’s impending arrival. They give loved ones a venue to gather together, offer encouragement, and share their enthusiasm for the soon-to-be parents as they begin the wonderful path of parenthood.

Tips to Keep In Mind

The pregnant mother is the focal point of the celebration at baby showers. During baby showers, mothers should keep the following in mind:

  • Inform your loved ones of your choices by letting them know what you’re OK with and what you’d like for your baby shower.
  • Open communication will make it easier to make sure that the event reflects your tastes, whether it concerns the theme, the type of gifts, or the guest list.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek assistance or assign work to dependable friends or family members. Allowing others to help you with the preparations might be helpful because planning and organizing a baby shower can be stressful.
  • Take care of yourself. Self-care should be your top priority because pregnancy can be physically and emotionally taxing.
  • Before the baby shower, be sure to get enough rest, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy foods. Throughout the event, take breaks as necessary, and pay attention to your body’s cues.
  • Don’t overdress. Pick a look that makes you feel confident and at ease. Consider choosing breathable materials and supportive shoes. When choosing your clothing, keep in mind that you can spend a lot of time on your feet.
  • Accept the thrill and joy of the baby shower. Spend some time talking to your loved ones, accepting their congratulations, and taking pleasure in the occasion of this unique milestone. Let the love and support pour in for you.
  • To preserve the memories, assign someone to take pictures or think about paying a pro to capture pictures of the baby shower. These pictures will be treasured reminders of this memorable moment in your life.

Themes for Baby Showers

What will a baby shower be without a little decoration?

  • Little Prince or Princess :Host a royal-themed baby shower to commemorate the impending birth of a young prince or princess. Dress the space up in tiaras, crowns, and regal hues like gold and purple. Include details like a “throne” for the expectant mother and serve royal-quality food.
  • Woodland Creatures : Use a woodland creatures theme to create a whimsical and natural-inspired baby shower. Decorate with forest-themed features including mushrooms, trees, and wildlife. For a pleasant ambiance, add rustic elements and earthy hues like green, brown, and orange.
  • Nautical theme :Set sail with a baby shower that has a nautical theme. Use white and navy blue as the main colors and add decorations with anchors, sailboats, and oceanic themes. Serve refreshments with a maritime motif, such as sandwiches and pastries in the shape of fish.
  • Safari or Jungle :Choose a safari or jungle theme for the baby shower to bring out the wild side. Make use of greenery, animal-shaped ornaments, and animal designs. Think about using stuffed animals as table centerpieces or photo props. Serve tropical-themed appetizers and desserts.
  • Vintage Baby :Use the theme of a vintage baby shower to create a sentimental and attractive ambiance. Use lace, soft hues, and furnishings with an antique feel. Include old baby objects in the decorations, like vintage strollers or baby bottles.
  • Baby Books :Create a baby shower theme based on beloved children’s books to honor the passion for reading. Decorate the space with book covers, favorite characters, and quotations. You might also request that visitors bring a book for the kids as a present.

Games for Baby Shower

Baby Bingo

A traditional bingo game, Baby Bingo mixes the fun of bingo with baby-related things. Bingo cards with squares filled with various baby-related terms, such as “diapers,” “pacifier,” or “stroller” etc are distributed to the participants. Guests tick out the correct squares on their cards as the soon-to-be parents-to-be open their gifts. “Bingo!” is shouted by the first person to finish a queue or obtain a full house. This activity makes the gift-opening procedure more exciting and makes guests more attentive to the items as they are opened.

Incorrect Price

Use the infant edition of “The Price is Right” to put your visitors’ knowledge of pricing to the test. Prepare a variety of baby-related supplies, such as bottles, diapers, baby clothes, and toys. Each item’s price is guessed by the guests, and the one with the closest sum wins. This game not only encourages healthy competition but also offers helpful advice to pregnant parents, who may use it as a guide when creating a budget for their unborn child.

Baby Derby

Baby Derby is a terrific option if you’re searching for a game that requires some physical exercise. The guests get divided into teams and each team is given a doll, some baby outfits, and a nappy. Each team must compete to put the diaper on the doll as rapidly as they can while they are blindfolded on the count of three. The group finishes the work first and wins successfully. In addition to being entertaining, Diaper Derby offers insight into new parents’ difficulties when changing their children’s diapers.

Identify the Baby Food

Try “Identify the Baby Food” for a unique take on culinary entertainment. Which parent shall take the crown for “Masterchef of Baby Food”?  A number should be assigned to each baby food jar after the labels have been removed. The guests are handed spoons to taste-test each jar while being blindfolded. Each infant food’s flavor must be inferred only from its taste. The visitor who makes the most accurate guesses receives a reward. Participants will giggle as they attempt to identify the distinctive and frequently humorous flavors of baby food in this game.

Baby Image Comparison

Use the baby picture-matching game to have a fun trip down memory lane. Visitors are invited to bring a baby photo of themselves to put on a board or table. The next step is for participants to match each image with the appropriate guest. The winner is the one who matches the most correctly. This activity is a great way to break the ice and get people talking about their childhoods while anticipating their arrival.

Nursery trivia

Create a trivia game that requires players to complete well-known nursery rhymes. Make a list of nursery rhymes that are lacking certain words or phrases, and ask your visitors to fill them in. Whoever provides the most accurate responses wins. It’s a way to test the parent’s memory of all the rhymes they sang to their child.

Baby Item Memory Game

Spread the table with a bunch of toddler things or paste pictures with a variety of baby things. Give visitors a short amount of time to memorize a variety of baby objects that are displayed on a tray or table. After that, cover the tray and ask visitors to list all the things they can recall. Whoever provides the most accurate responses wins.

Diaper Raffle

Encourage visitors to bring a pack of diapers to the raffle as their entry ticket. A raffle ticket is given to each guest who brings a pack of diapers, and the raffle winner(s) will get a reward. This game lets the soon-to-be parents stock up on much-needed diapers while also adding a sense of excitement.

Tips for To-be

Set up a station where visitors can leave their finest tips for the new mother on mommy advice cards. Provide pens or markers and ornamental cards or slips of paper. The soon-to-be mother can read and keep these priceless pearls of advice for later use.

Baby Name Game

Make a list of names for infants, either genuine or made up, and ask visitors to match the words to the meanings. Guests can choose to come up with their imaginative interpretations or you can provide them with a list of possible meanings. The winner is the one who matches the most correctly.

Guess the Baby's Birth Date

Request that visitors provide their educated guesses for the presumed baby’s birth date, including the day, month, and year. A prize is awarded for the birthdate guess that is most accurate. As visitors guess when the baby will arrive, this game provides a sense of excitement and expectation.

Diaper relay

Set up a diaper-changing relay competition in which teams compete to change a doll or stuffed animal’s diaper. Up until the task is finished, each team member takes turns finishing a stage of the diaper-changing procedure (removing the old diaper, washing, and putting on a new diaper). The first-place finisher wins.


In conclusion, playing baby shower games is a fun way to celebrate an expectant parent and their unborn child. These activities not only keep visitors entertained but also promote camaraderie and excitement among them. There is a vast selection of games to pick from, providing a memorable and pleasurable experience for everyone involved. These games range from timeless favorites like Baby Bingo and Nursery Rhyme Trivia to innovative pursuits like Diaper Derby and Who’s That Baby?

Games for baby showers have several uses. They give visitors the chance to laugh, engage in friendly competition, and form bonds. They also offer opportunities for introspection and advice-giving, allowing current parents and loved ones to share their experiences and knowledge with the soon-to-be parents.

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